We offer the ability to install a pay-per-view portal before events on Eleven Sports. When setting up an event, simply choose pay-per-view at the bottom of the page in the “Event Privacy” setting. You can then select the currency, set the price, et voila!, your pay-per-view event is live.

How to set up a pay-per-view event: 

Please keep in mind that creating a pay-per-view event creates expectations from your fans and users around the world to properly stream the match. After all, your fans will be very disappointed if they pay for your event and don't get to watch the game or its quality is not good enough.
Don't worry though - Eleven Sports provides you with all the tools to empower you to deliver a great live stream, so please make sure to follow the guidelines below:


1. Schedule the event at least a week in advance (the earlier the better). Enable PPV by selecting the currency and price of the match in the event creation form

2. Promote the event on your website/social media channels, making the following points clear: 

a. It is a pay per view event.
b. Users can only pay if they make a payment with a credit card.
c. We recommend using a web browser (ideally Google Chrome) to watch the match.

NOTE: Do NOT delete your PPV event or create a duplicate for any reason! Your fans only gain access to the original event with their payment, therefore they would not be able to watch your match if you stream all or part of it through a different event, will be entitled to a refund and may be less likely to pay for another PPV event on your channel in the future.

3. Conduct a test on the day of the match to make sure that the equipment is working.

4. Go live at least 30 minutes before kickoff and share the link again on your social media channels. 

5. Monitor your chat to make sure that users aren't experiencing any problems. 

6. Send us a message via the blue chat box at the bottom right of all Eleven Sports pages if your live stream is experiencing technical issues.

7. Do not STOP LIVE, unless the match is over for sure, even if there is any problem, or otherwise the viewers will not be able to watch the match.

8. As per the official Eleven Sports T&Cs, the standard revenue share for PPV between the publisher (= your channel) and Eleven Sports is 50-50 after payment gateway costs. Net Revenues will be paid out after the end of each quarter once the Publisher has an accumulated credit of 150 Swiss Francs (or its equivalent in other currencies) in favour. The Publisher may be asked to provide Eleven Sports with a valid invoice containing all necessary information such as bank details, a valid bank account number/ International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC/Swift). Payouts will only be made to the registered Publisher.

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