Cerevo LiveShell - Changing the stream key

Here you can learn how to change the stream key of each live event on the Cerevo LiveShell dashboard

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  1. Select server of Live event in the Live Studio

    1. Check 'Streaming Info' to copy Stream Key and RTMP URL

2. Login at Cerevo LiveShell dashboard - https://shell.cerevo.com/login

3. Go to Settings 

4. Press edit button to change stream key and RTMP (if necessary - RTMP only changes if continent server is different)

5. Copy the event's Stream Key from the Live Studio and paste it on the Stream box field.

6. Click on 'Save and set as default' button. Close the small window on the x button on the right corner.

7. Press 'Start Live' to start sending image to live studio. DO NOT press Go Live on studio yet. The 'Start Live' button on Liveshell's dashboard, is just to send live signal to the Live Studio.

8. Now you are all set to 'GO LIVE'

Here you can find a short video of this process:

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