We have developed the Eleven Sports Broadcast app to allow our partners to live stream their content in great quality and with only minimum equipment and personnel - all in only two clicks! 

Follow those steps for a successful stream! 

1. Preliminary steps

2. Before your event 

  • Test the internet connection on your phone before you start streaming to ensure it's strong and stable enough - we recommend multiple tests;

  • Check the settings of your broadcast app, such as your continent and bitrate - you can find out more about them here;

  • Setup your equipment in advance. Find an elevated position, such as a press box, for the best possible vantage point, where you can film from midfield and away from the sun or bright lights. If you are streaming pitchside with no elevated position, please use a tripod that extends to the maximum possible height at which you are comfortable to film the match. It’s also possible to add live commentary with external microphones connected to your mobile device;

  • Open the Eleven Sports broadcast app and log in with your Eleven Sports account credentials. Once logged, the app will show your upcoming scheduled event(s);

  • Choose the event you want to stream, click on it and put your phone in horizontal position. You'll start sending signal to Eleven Sports, but it won't be visible to your viewers just yet;

  • If using the support of a computer, you can now preview your stream. Even before your event is live for your fans, the image is already visible on your TV's live studio. Take the time to check the quality of your broadcast before clicking "Go Live";

3. Going live!

  • Whenever you're ready, start broadcasting to the whole world - click GO LIVE! 

4. Use all of Eleven Sports' features!

  • Now your game is live, you can add Scoreboard, Timer and Highlights. You can do it in two ways: on the screen of your phone or with the help of a computer;

  • Doing it straight on your phone is easier and can all be done by a single person!

  • On the other hand, in the computer you can have the full experience of the Eleven Sports Live Studio;

  • You can zoom in and out by clicking on the ‘1x/2x’ button. You can also use the pinch gesture to use this feature;

  • You can manually adjust focus and lighting by tapping the screen on the mobile device.

5. Stopping live

  • Once your broadcast is over, click to Stop Live your stream. Important: it's not possible to broadcast on the same event again after it is stopped, so do NOT stop live at half time - only do it at the end of the game. 

You can now also check our Video Tutorial! 

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