Eleven Sports offers you the opportunity to embed the Eleven Sports video player in your official website and in partners' official pages.

This embedding tool can hugely increase your content's visibility. Not only will the content be available Live and On Demand in the club's official website but also in their partners' websites.

At the moment Eleven Sports offers embedding individual matches.

This form of embedding will only show the specific event that you embedded. It can be a live event or an on demand event (after the live has finished).

How to install Embedding

In all cases this is how you embed the player:

1. Access to the event and pay close attention to the options of the player;

2. Copy Embedding code:

a. Click on the 'Embed' button below the player of the event (as shown below).

b. After clicking on 'Embed', a small window will pop up with the embed code.

c. It is possible to choose whether you want to enable the video's autoplay by checking or unchecking the "Enable Autoplay" box.

d. Copy the embed code and use it to embed the video player in your website

Please note: 

By default, all the embeds will show the video player only (it will not show the highlights, chat or stats section on the right side of the video player) 

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