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Learn how to embed your content on a website
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Eleven Sports offers you the opportunity to embed the Eleven Sports video player on your official website and on partners' official pages.

This embedding tool can hugely increase your content's visibility. Not only will the content be available Live and On-Demand on ELEVEN, but also on your own official website, as well as partners' websites. (Disclaimer: Embeds are not suitable for Social Media - please click here to learn more about ELEVEN's sharing system.)

At the moment, the Eleven Sports platform allows you to embed the ELEVEN video player for individual matches, either live or on-demand.

How to fetch an Embed code

Here's how you embed a match:

1. Log into your ELEVEN TV and go to http://studio.mycujoo.tv/events

2. Create a new event. On last page in the Event Privacy section, the Embed code will be generated as soon as you've saved the event:

3. After saving the event, click on the "Share" button next to the event title on the My Events page. In the ensuing pop-up box, the embed code is displayed on the bottom - use the "Copy button" to fetch and implement it on your website. If you want to enable or disable the video to start playing automatically when fans visit the website where your event is embedded, please use the "Enable Autoplay" slider, which will adjust the Embed code accordingly.

4. Alternatively, click on the "Edit" button (pencil symbol) next to the event title and go to the last page "Event Info & Privacy" - you will also be able to copy the embed code in the Event Privacy section.

Disabling the Embed option

If you want to disable the Embed option for all content in your TV, please click on "TV Settings" in the left menu and navigate to the "Security & Privacy" section. If you toggle the slider under "Embedding" to off, then Embed codes will no longer be visible for all your upcoming & past events in the Studio, and existing embeds on 3rd party websites will stop working.

Please note: 

By default, all ELEVEN embeds will only display the video player - they will not show the highlights playlist, chat or stats section on the right next to the video player as is the case on Elevensports.com.

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