Cerevo LiveShell Initial Setup
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Before you can start the setup, please read the article "Create an account to access Cerevo Live Shell Dashboard"

1. Choose to connect to Ethernet

PS: Connecting to Wi-Fi is possible, but not recommended, as Wi-Fi connections are naturally unstable

1.2. Connect to the Ethernet Cable and get the activation pin

1.3. Enter the pin code and access your dashboard

2. Connect Cerevo with WIFI - NOT RECOMMENDED

Although we DO NOT recommend the connection of the Cerevo via WIFI, here is how you can do this:

1. Follow the setup instructions in Dashboard.

2. You will see the message on the unit’s LCD [Register me at s.cerevo.com.]

3. Enter your Wi-Fi ESSID and Wi-Fi passphrase.

4. Connect one end of the included setup cable to the [SET UP] port on the LiveShell and connect the other end to the headphone jack of your device as depicted in the image below. Click the [Play] button.

5. The LCD will display [LIVE] and you will be able to see the Dashboard main panel on your PC (or other device) when setup is complete.

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