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Cerevo LiveShell - Creating an account and setting up the device
Cerevo LiveShell - Creating an account and setting up the device
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Access Cerevo LiveShell Dashboard (

1. Create an account or login to Cerevo Dashboard

2. Select your LiveShell device (eg. LiveShell.PRO, LiveShell.2, LiveShell.X)

3. Choose “Other broadcasting service (specify RTMP URL)

From the our platform, head to Studio and click on the event that you're streaming

4. Copy the RTMP URL

5. Copy the Stream Key of the event

Go back to the Cerevo Dashboard

6. Paste the RTMP URL and Stream Key and click save

7. Select the internet connection type 'Ethernet'

Note: Connecting to Wi-Fi is possible, but not recommended as Wi-Fi connections are naturally unstable.

8. Connect the ethernet cable with the 4G router/LiveShell device and the HDMI cable with the video camera/LiveShell device. Press and hold the power button of the LiveShell device for five seconds to power on.

Note: For an external view of the LiveShell.X, go here. For an external view of the LiveShell.2, go here.

9. Follow the instructions in the Cerevo dashboard and insert the 4 digit PIN code displayed on the LiveShell device.

10. Once the setup is complete, the LiveShell device will display [LIVE] and the Dashboard main panel will be displayed on your PC (or other device).

And your new LiveShell device is ready for streaming!

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