How to use OBS
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1. To start a new Project or what they call in OBS, a new Scene, press on the plus symbol in the “Scenes Square”.

Please name your Scene (ex:FC United vs AC Eagles) and press OK. After pressing ok, the new scene will be displayed in the square to be selected whenever you wish.

2. While having your “Scene” selected, press the plus (+) button on the “Source Square”, and add new sources that you want to send to your live event.

You can chose the most varied options that we will show case in the next steps.

3. Select the sources. Example with a Blackmagic Design capture card

! Please make sure that you installed the software / codecs for your capture card so it displays on the source options.

! When connected to the PC, the device should be displayed on the list. When selecting the correct mode used on your camcorder, the image preview will display on the box immediately.

4. Connect to the platform

After creating your event in the platform and accessing your live studio, you can get the stream key and RTMP URL address to your event. This information needs to be inserted in OBS in order to you send the signal to our platform.

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