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1. TV Admins menu is only accessible by TV owners

2. To access TV Admins you need to be logged in to your TV account

3. After being logged in you must click on menu located in the top right corner of the page, and select the sub-menu My TV.

4. On TV Settings, select on Admins on the top menu

How to use TV Admins

1.After accessing Admins on Settings, you must click on Add Admin button that shows on the top side of the page.

2. A small box will pop-up so you to insert the email of the new admin.

3. After inserting the new Admin email and pressing Done button, the new admin is added.

4. PLEASE NOTICE that the new admin has to be registered in the platform with the same email used in the above points. Furthermore it is important to note that each user can only be administrating one channel. This means that the new admin has to be a user account which is not yet affiliated to another channel.

You can also remove an admin by clicking on the trash can symbol next to an existing admins email address:

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