1. Connect Power (recommended)

2. Connect the HDMI in to Camera’s HDMI output using an HDMI high speed cable.

3. Connect an ETHERNET cable for Internet (recommended)

4. Press and hold the Power Button for 5 seconds to turn on the device. It should connect automatically to the network, synchronise with the Dashboard and start the stream

5. If it does not connect directly, press the “connect button”

6. Once the device is streaming, the led light on top turns blue and the display indicates that the stream has started (“Alive”).

For LiveShell.2, get more info @ https://liveshell-manual.cerevo.com/en/liveshell2/l2en-4-1/

For LiveShell.X, get more info @ https://liveshell-manual.cerevo.com/en/liveshell-x/x-2-1c/

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