1. HDMI Camera Corder 

  • Any camcorder that possesses either an HDMI or an SDI output. It is also important that it has a good zoom.

Did you know?

For better performance of your equipment: please make sure that your camera is constantly plug to an electricity socket. In some cases, it is strictly necessary because otherwise the capture card (more about capture cards in the next slide), in order to save energy consumption, won’t transfer any captured image to the laptop.

HDMI outputs in cameras vary in their size - they can go from micro size to normal size. Make sure you buy the right size with high speed connection. The HDMI input of capture cards normally has the regular size.

2. Capture Card Device

These are devices that will allow the computer to read and convert the image coming from the camera.

Eleven Sports staff recommends (tested and guaranteed) to perform HD broadcasts:

  • Blackmagic Intensity Extreme / Blackmagic UltraStudio mini recorder

  • Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt / Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0

NOTE: Make sure to always install the drivers / codecs from your capture card in your laptop

Did you know?

Without a capture card, your laptop will not be able to show any image coming from your camera. These are special “computers” designed to specifically convert an analog video signal - such as that produced by a camera corder - to a digital video, i.e., converts the analog video signal into computer files referred as a digital video stream or simply video stream.

The main outputs in a capture card are USB 3 or Thunderbolt. Please make sure you purchase the device with the correct output to connect to your computer. Thunderbolt are most commonly for Mac Laptops and USB3 to all other Laptops in the market.

3. Laptop

There are infinite Laptops available in the market. We can only 100% assure quality of the ones we already tested, though. Every content owner is free to try out their options but we always recommend, for a minimum quality of broadcast, that the laptops have a minimal processor of intel core i5, latest generation. For even best performances and assured HD resolution we recommend i7.

The computer should also have either a Thunderbolt port (if Mac) or an USB 3.0 port (other PCs).

ELEVEN staff recommends Apple's Macbook Pro because the softwares used for streaming always run much better in Apple’s OS X than in Windows, the computers are faster and consume less CPU which then is available for the live stream.

Did you know?

For better performance of your equipment, your laptop must be connected to an electricity socket during all stream. By being connected to a power source, your laptop will not consume all its CPU resources trying to perform a better stream and therefore will allow a far better image quality.

You should only be using the broadcasting software on your laptop during the stream. Depending on the capacity of the processor and the number of cores in your portable computer, this might be an issue. Your CPU will allocate resources to every software you might have opened and this will reduce the capacity allocated to run the stream, therefore it could reduce the quality of the stream. We strictly recommend to only have the Open Broadcast software running and the live studio page in during a live stream.

4. Miscellaneous 

  • Tripod to provide stability to the camera while filming

  • HDMI cable to connect the camera to the encoding device

  • An electricity socket close to the camera and the laptop

  • Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 cable to connect the capture card and the computer

  • Ethernet cable for connecting the laptop to the internet (For mac computers - make sure you buy the ethernet adaptor that will connect to the laptop via thunderbolt)

Did you know?

There are different qualities in the speed delivered by the most varied cables, and in order to perform a good stream it is recommendable, that before purchasing any cable, you make sure that you are buying the highest quality possible. Streaming depends on your connectivity. To make sure you send High Definition (HD) image from the camera to the capture card, you must be sure, for example, that you have a minimum 1080i or 720p frame resolution in your camcorder. If you, for example, do not buy a high speed HDMI cable, when you are sending the image from the camera to the capture card, it will not arrive in the same quality. Same happens with the USB 3 / Thunderbolt cables that connect your capture card to the computer.

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