1. HDMI Video Camera 

  • Any camcorder that possesses either an HDMI output

  • It is also important that it has a good zoom

2. Live Streaming Device

  • Connected to the camcorder via HDMI, it sends the live image directly into our servers

Eleven Sports has a partnership and recommends Cerevo LiveShell devices, though the platform is compatible with various existing devices.

3. Internet connection

  • Stable and exclusively dedicated internet connection (preferable via Ethernet cable)

  • To broadcast in high quality, an upload stream speed of at least 2.5 Mbps is needed

4. Laptop

A Laptop is used for scheduling and starting live events, for adding graphics and football features, for creating highlights and instant replays and for managing the streaming device

5. Miscellaneous 

  • Tripod,

  • HDMI cable to connect the camcorder to the streaming device.

  • Electricity plugs and extensions.

  • Ethernet cable for connecting the streaming device to the internet

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