Equipment required

All equipment required to live broadcast with streaming device

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1. HDMI Camcorder 

  • Any camcorder that possesses either an HDMI or an SDI output

  • It is also important that it has a good zoom

2. Live Streaming Device

  • Connected to the camcorder via HDMI, it sends the live image directly into our servers

We recommend Cerevo LiveShell devices, though the platform is compatible with various existing devices.

3. Internet connection

  • A stable and exclusively dedicated internet connection (preferably connected via an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi)

  • To broadcast in high quality, an upload stream speed of at least 2.5 Mbps is needed

4. Laptop

A Laptop is used for scheduling and starting live events, for adding graphics and football features, for creating highlights and instant replays and for managing the streaming device

5. Miscellaneous 

  • Tripod

  • HDMI cable to connect the camcorder to the streaming device.

  • Electricity sockets

  • Ethernet cable for connecting the streaming device to the internet

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