This is the web tool that will enable you to enhance the presentation of your live football match stream with football-specific graphics, highlights creation and so much more!

FEATURES (refer to image below):

1. ‘Streaming info’ lists down all the important details about your stream. Click this to check for info such as Event URL and Stream Key

2. ‘Go Live’ when you are ready to start sending live pictures into your channel.
Stop Live’ to finish the stream (Note: Only click this when the match is officially over)

3. Complete the ‘Teams Line-Ups’ to let your viewers know the players who are featuring in the match

4. ‘Match Timer
*Click on KICKOFF when the match starts to turn on the Scoreboard & Timer
*Click on HALF TIME to turn off the Scoreboard & Timer during any intervals (Half-Time, End of Full Time, Half-Time of Extra-Time)
*To start the 2nd half (or more periods like Extra Time), always click on KICKOFF and choose the preferred minute to turn on the Scoreboard & Timer.
*When the match is over, click on FULL TIME

5. Managing the ‘Scoreboard & Timer
a. You can choose to show or hide the score & timer
b. Edit the 3-letter acronyms for the teams
c. Manually pause and adjust the timer (Useful for Futsal, Beach Soccer etc.)
d. Manually adjust the scores

6.  Enhance the live stream by tagging ‘Highlights
- Goals (Scoreboard will be updated automatically)
- Corner Kick
- Free Kick
- Yellow Card
- Red Card
- Substitutions
- Fouls
- Chance
- Penalty
Highlights will be marked on the timeline of the match to allow viewers to relive the moment in just 1 click.
It will also generate a URL link for you to share the moment in an instant!

7.  ‘Highlights Manager

  • All the tagged moments will be reflected in a list at the bottom of the page.

  • You can share, edit and delete any highlight.

  • With ‘Match Recap’, you can create a compilation of the key moments of the match right after the final whistle.

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