Teams Lineups & Bench

Learn how to add the Home and Away team lineups & bench

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Make sure you complete the Teams Lineups, which will be displayed on screen on the TV during the live match. The players’ names will also be available while tagging the best actions of the match.

You can add the lineups during the process of adding (scheduling) your events.

However, you can also add the lineups later, at any point of your preference, following the steps below: 

  1. Click on the event's Edit button or on Teams Line-Ups in the event's Live Studio: 

2. By clicking on "Next Step", navigate to Home Lineups & Bench and then Away Lineups & Bench

3. You can now Create new players, or Import players previously added for past matches. If you wish to create a new player, fill in the required information: 

The process is exactly the same for the Home and Away teams.

DID YOU KNOW? When players are created, they now have their own player pages, where you can quickly see their matches played, highlights and soon more to come!

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