Managing the Dashboard:

The dashboard is the control panel for your LiveShell device. You can use it to configure the following settings:

  1. Bandwidth status: Ensure that the status is always Excellent or Good. If it is looking bad, you will need to check your internet connection or lower the bitrate.

  2. Network settings (bitrate): The higher the resolution (2000kbps-720p), the better the stream quality. If the bandwidth status is not good, then it would be better to lower the bitrate in order to ensure a stable stream.

  3. Object: Set as “moving"

In this short video, you can see how to change your networking settings, the Bandwidth status will require an action. 

Sending signal to ELEVEN:

Once you are happy with your settings, you are ready to send signal to ELEVEN studio.

  1. Press 'Start Live' to start sending image to live studio. DO NOT press Go Live on Eleven Sports yet. The 'Start Live' button on the Cerevo dashboard is just to send live signal to the ELEVEN Sports Live Studio.

  2. Now you are all set to 'GO LIVE' @

    Here you can find a short video of this process:

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