How to manage the timer from the Live Studio

Understand how the timer works and best practices to use it

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1. Access the Live Studio of the specific event;

2. Preferably, the timer should be managed by adding the time-related highlights, ie, "Kickoff", "Half-Time" and "Full Time": 

i) At the start of the match, add "Kickoff" highlight and the timer will start automatically;
ii) At the half-time whistle, add the Half-Time tag and the timer will also stop automatically;
iii) At the beginning of the 2nd half, add another "Kickoff" and the timer will restart;
iv) Finally, at the end of the match, add the "Full Time" tag to stop the timer.

3. In case your stream has started with some delay, or if for any reason you need to correct your match timer, it is also possible do to so manually. If the timer is on and running, click on the blue "Pause Timer" button;

4. Adjust the timer manually to the correct time, typing the numbers directly into the timer. The format must be MM:SS (for instance, 45:00 at the end of the first half);

5. In case the timer has not been started yet and the match is already ongoing, you can adjust it manually in the same place, and then click on the blue button that says "Start Timer";

As you can see in this short video, at the start of the match, add "Kickoff" highlight and the timer will start automatically: 

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