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Instructions for your internet connection with a streaming device

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a. Cable connection 

Most recommendable solution, specially if you are doing camera production. If you have the chance it is always better to plug an ethernet cable to your streaming device from the local internet (WLAN) Modem.

b. 4G 

For 4G we definitely recommend that you purchase a dedicated router (LTE router) to be used just for the streaming. There are available dedicated solutions. This router should have a ethernet output, in order for you to connect your streaming device directly via cable (much more stable)

Even if it is still possible, we do not recommend to connect to 4G through your phone (personal hotspot/Internet sharing). Since its internet connection won’t be exclusively dedicated to the stream but to many apps and functions, it is likely to suffer some drops and cuts in the stream.

c. WiFi connection 

By using the same network from the local provider from your WLAN Modem, it is possible to broadcast in good quality as well, sometimes with the same stable upload speed, thought this connection, naturally will be always more unstable and sometimes, depending on your device, it can drop a lot.

PLEASE make sure that you get a stable connection around 3.0 Mbps.

This will allow you to make an HD stream. Always try to connect with a ethernet cable, as in this way you will be sure to have no surprises during the stream. 

Always test the speed in 3 times and after that make an average, only then you will be sure about the upstream.

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