You can use a promo code when purchasing a new Eleven Sports subscription package, bundle or pay-per-view match (availability of this option may differ depending on your region and the content).

  • During payment, select "Promo code" in the payment section.

  • Enter your promo code into the field and click on the "Apply" button

  • If your promo code is valid, you will see the details in the checkout page

(Note: Promo codes may have limited redemption conditions and time periods.)

When can I apply a promo code to an existing subscription?

Promo codes can only be used when purchasing a new subscription.

When will my payment be processed?

All Eleven Sports payments are processed at the time of purchase.

For subscriptions, subsequent payments will be processed monthly or annually on the anniversary day of your subscription, depending on the package.

Is it safe to pay through your site?

Payments are always secure on We use the latest security and encryption technologies when processing your payment.

Can I watch paid content outside the country where I signed up?

Non-geoblocked paid content
Where paid content is available to purchase and there is no geoblock applicable to that content, it may be watched across all territories, subject to the availability of the Eleven Sports platform in the territory concerned.

Geoblocked paid content
For certain paid content a geoblock applies. This means that the ability to purchase the content can be limited to those possessing a payment method suitable for the territory concerned, AND the ability to view that content is limited to those located within the same territory. The ability to watch that content outside that territory will therefore usually not be permitted. However, for geo-blocked content which is available to purchase in a territory belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA), your ability to watch that content will be permitted across the EEA according to the terms of the Regulation on cross-border portability of online content services.

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