A Quickstart guide to using Magewell Ultra Encode

Setup your device and settings for the perfect stream on our platform

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Ultra Encode Device Setup

Find Ultra Encode

1. Connect the encoder to a LAN and power it up.

2. Connect input signal.

3. Access Web UI

i. In Windows 10, open a File Explorer window, find the encoder in Network > Other Devices.

ii. Double click the encoder icon by its serial number to open the Web UI of the device in your default web browser.

4. Log in with your username and password.

- The default name and password are both "Admin"

- Please change the password after initial login

5. Follow the instructions to perform device initialisation.

Setting up stream for broadcast on our platform

On the Ultra Encode dashboard, select Streaming Server

  • Click '+ Add Server', select RTMP

  • Enter RTMP URL & Stream Key (You can find this info on your selected event in the Live Studio)

  • Create Live Stream

  • Start the video stream from your encoder before going live in the Live Studio

Encoding Paramaters

And here are the key settings for the ideal stream.

Set Main Stream


1280 x 720

30 FPS

3 Mbps

Keyframe interval: 2

For more detailed information on Ultra Encode, please refer to the Magewell Ultra Encode user manual here.

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