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To access the LiveU Solo Dashboard, go to the page and login with your previously created account. Select your registered device, click on "Select New Destination".

Now you're going to insert the event info from our Live Studio. After creating your event in our platform (click here to know all the steps), click on the camera icon to access Live Studio of the referred match. Select the server of your continent to reach the following screen:

With the former page still open, copy these info and insert them on LiveU Solo Dashboard:

  • Destination Name: there you can describe the event by using its name (ex.: Team A vs Team B)

  • Select Profile: 1280x720 Widescreen 16x9

  • Primary Ingress URL: fill in with the event's RTMP URL available on Live Studio

  • Secondary Ingress URL: leave it blank

  • Stream Name (or Stream Key): fill in with the corresponding event stream key, also available on Live Studio

Also, you can set the Profile Settings (Advanced), where you can select the Bit Rate. We suggest a minimum of 2000 Kbps to have a good quality stream, and then Submit.

Back to the equipment page and with all the info setup, you only need to click on "Go Live" at top right corner to start signal on Live Studio. Please keep in mind that this button only allows you to send image and sound to our platform - you also need to "Go Live" inside the Live Studio to properly reach your viewers.

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