LiveU Solo Hardware and Connectivity
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Before getting started, check the LiveU Solo box to see the whole list of equipment that is contained there:

  • LiveU Solo Encoder

  • LiveU Solo carry pouch with elastic straps

  • AC Power adapter (36W 12V/3A) and power cord

  • HDMI to Mini HDMI cable (1.5m)

  • USB2/M Left-angle to USB2/F cable (6in)

  • USB2/M Right-angle to USB2/F cable (6in)

  • LiveU Solo Setup Card

Camera connectivity:

The Solo unit has two ports for SDI and HDMI entries, however, you can only connect one camera at any time.

Also, keep in mind that our maximum resolution is 720p (1280x720), as listed in our technical specifications.

Internet connectivity:

The LiveU Solo can connect and use up to 4 network interfaces (2x USB, 1 Wi Fi and 1 LAN). You can check all the guidelines in the following article at LiveU Zendesk:

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