Over the last months, the whole football industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. The pandemic has revealed again the fragility of football's business model, which is very much dependent on live matches and external financing. It has also presented us with the opportunity to reflect upon our practices and explore new revenue streams.

We imagine that many of your organisations are currently struggling financially and we are here to support you. We are constantly developing tools to empower you to monetise your content through live streaming on Eleven Sports, while also offering an incredible user experience and creating value for your stakeholders.

Below is an overview of the monetisation tools we offer:


The sponsorship tool is one of our oldest yet most effective tool in terms of revenue generation and allows you to monetise the different assets available on your entity page and event page. This constantly evolving tool can now easily be activated from the Sponsorship section of your studio, so you can select the assets and complete the payment in just a few minutes.

Eleven Sports TOP TIP: Think outside the box!

  • Offer slots to existing sponsors: Use slots to showcase their new products, show discount codes, etc

  • Use slots to acquire new digital sponsors: Add a creative call-to-action inviting sponsors to get onboard (eg: "Your logo could be here - get in touch)

  • Promote your official website/online store, sell tickets, promote upcoming events/matches, CSR activities, etc

Check out our help centre article below to learn more:


Eleven Sports offers the pay-per-view (PPV) option during event creation, allowing you to easily activate PPV for specific events by selecting the currency and price in the event creation form. PPV is especially relevant for premium competitions, where users would be willing to pay to watch the content. One success case we have on Eleven Sports is the Cyprus Football Association - although their domestic league matches are available in Cyprus for free via the local broadcaster, they have been live streaming their content on Eleven Sports for their fans overseas and using PPV to generate revenue from audiences watching from outside of Cyprus.

Eleven Sports TOP TIP: Be creative in your communication

  • Sell the idea of PPV as "virtual tickets" or "support your club": Considering that many competitions will now be played behind closed doors, there is definitely an opportunity for you to monetise your content and give your fans a place to watch their favorite team in return.

Check out our help center articles below to learn more:

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