Step 1: Create an event and send us a message on Intercom

1. Select the match that you would like to re-stream - check your 'past matches' and look for memorable matches, or matches that happened 'On This Day' a year ago, etc

2. Create a new event - you will use this event to re-stream the match that you have selected.

We recommend the following settings: 

  • Event category: Live Match

  • Type of event: Live stream

  • Competitions: Please select the competition name MyCujoo Classics 

  • Event description: Make it clear to your fans that it is a [REPLAY] and add a catchy description that will make them want to rewatch the match (eg: "Let's revive the moment when MyClub FC won their first trophy!) 

  • Date and time: Select the date/time of the re-stream (not the original date/time of the actual match). We advise you to take into consideration the time-zone of your potential audience to guarantee maximum viewership.  

3. Reach out to us on Intercom (blue chat box at the bottom right corner of all Eleven Sports pages) with the following information so we can help you to set up the re-stream: 

  • Event ID or URL of the past match that you would like to re-stream

  • Event ID or URL of the new event where you will re-stream the match 

4. Promote the re-stream on your social media channels. Check out our best practices on match promotion here: Promoting your match on Eleven Sports

5. Once the match is live, activate the scoreboard/timer and create highlights to provide your fans with the best user experience possible.


Eleven Sports TOP TIP: Looking for a way to make your re-stream even more engaging? 

  • Engage your fans via Chat: The chat tool is a great place to interact directly with your fans and answer their questions. You could even ask one of your players to join the chat and start an interactive Q&A session!   

  • Add commentary: We encourage you to add commentary to the live match - you could ask a journalist with lots of football expertise, a fan, a coach or even a player that actually played in the match that you are re-streaming! You'd be surprised to see how much value their commentary will add to the content. 

If you prefer to do something more customised and take care of the production yourself, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a new event (please check the instructions at the very beginning) 

Step 2: Download match 

  1. Select the match that you would like to re-stream from My Events and download the full mp4 file. 

Please note: It may take up to a few hours for the download to be completed, depending on the size of the file. If the download file is not available, please send us a message via Intercom (blue chat box in the bottom right corner of all Eleven Sports pages)

Step 3: Install OBS and send signal to Eleven Sports

In order to re-stream your match flawlessly and in HD, you will need a production tool. There are several products in the market, but we recommend the use of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) because it is free and easy to use.

1. Install OBS on your laptop via this link

2. Create a new scene (project) by clicking on the plus button in the bottom left corner. Please name your Scene (ex: MyClub FC vs YourClub U18) and press OK. 

3. Click on the plus button in Sources and select 'Media Source'. Click on 'Create new', browse for the mp4 file that you downloaded in Step 1 and click on OK. 

4. From the OBS menu in the bottom right corner of your screen at 'Controls', go to 'Settings', then 'Stream'. Make sure to add the following information:

  • Stream Type: Custom Streaming Server 

  • URL: Copy and paste the RTMP URL of the event you created in Step 1

  • Stream key: Copy and paste the stream key of the event you created in Step 1

5. Go back to the main OBS screen and click on 'start streaming' in the bottom right corner. By doing this, you will start sending signal to the MyCujoo studio - don't worry, your stream will not be live yet!  

Step 4: Go live on Eleven Sports

1. Enter the Live Studio of your event and make sure the signal is arriving correctly from OBS. Once you are happy with the quality of the feed, click on GO LIVE so that your fans can start watching the re-stream. 

2. Activate the scoreboard/timer and add highlights to provide your fans with the best user experience possible.

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