It's now possible to set up sponsorship campaigns on your own in just a few steps! This way you can monetise your content and generate revenue for your organisation.

The assets will be visible on every device, except for iOS version of Eleven Sports app.

Check out the steps below and create your own sponsorship campaign:

  1. Login to your TV and click on "Sponsorships" on the left sidebar

2. Once you open this tab, you will find the information you need to setup your campaign. This includes the slots that we provide aswell as the prices for each slot.

a. In the form option, first fill out the competition name for which this campaign will apply. Please be aware that you can only choose one competition per campaign!

Note: If your competition is under contract with Eleven Sports, please reach out to your contact person at Eleven Sports instead of going through this form.

b. Next, choose the slots that you would like to activate. You can select as many as you want.

Then, confirm the options you chose. 

c. Select the start date and duration of the campaign.

d. Confirm that the campaign details are correct and submit the campaign.

e. Upload the image/logo for the ad.

Note: We support only .jpg, .png. or .gif; make sure that your image/logo fits the size requirements.

f. Insert the URL link

g. Enter you credit card information to make the payment.

h. Add any additional information or comments and then click on "Submit".

Done. It's this simple!

After you complete the form, you will be contacted by the Eleven Sports team within 4 working days to confirm if everything is good to go and to officially activate the campaign.

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