On Eleven Sports only content right holders, or their authorised partners, are allowed to open a TV.

One of our main objectives is to protect the IP rights of our partners, alongside our commitment against the syndication of illegal content.

Here are the main steps to open a TV on Eleven Sports:

1. Create a user account in Elevensports.com

Go to www.elevensports.com and on the homepage screen click on "Register" button on the right top corner. The following screen will appear:

2. Sign up with email

If you choose to sign up with your email, type your email address on the box saying Email, and click on "Register" button.  
You will instantly receive an "Account Activation" email from Eleven Sports, where you need to confirm your request by clicking on the "Activate My Account" button (shown below).

You will then be redirected to the Activation Account page on Eleven Sports.
Please fill in all the information required, click on Update info and welcome to Eleven Sports!

3. Create your TV

After creating the user account, login and on the homepage click on "Broadcast with us" button at the bottom.

You will be redirected to our Create Your TV page, where you can find more information about Eleven Sports, how to broadcast your matches and some tips of engagement with your fans and sponsors. The blue "Create your channel" button will lead you to the application form.

3.1. Application

Then, fill in all the organization's information requested and read our Terms and Conditions before going ahead:

4. Your channel is setup 

After those steps, you will be able to see a message of congratulations on Eleven Sports and also receive a confirmation email.

And that's it! Don't hesitate to contact us via the blue icon at bottom right of every page on Eleven Sports, as long as you're logged in. You can now start managing all your football related content on the world's biggest football TV platform. 

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