Congratulations on creating your event! Want to make sure that your streams on Eleven Sports run smoothly and that you produce high quality content? Don't worry, we got you covered! Just make sure you follow the steps below carefully. 

Before Kickoff:

✅ Share and embed the event

In order to let your fans know about the upcoming event, share the link on social media and embed the event in your website. Find out how in this article!

✅ Check your equipment & internet connection at least 1 hour in advance

Test your equipment as soon as you reach the venue to make sure it is working and ready for the stream. Also, make sure that your internet connection is strong enough via We recommend a minimum upload speed of 3 Mbps.  

✅ Add the Home & Away Lineups

Add the team lineups so you can tag highlights with the players' names and share them with the fans and players. If one of your players scores a Puskas-style goal, you want to make sure that goal is tagged with his/her name and shared with everyone, right? You can learn how to add lineups here.

✅ Connect and Go Live at least 10 minutes before Kickoff

Go live at least 10 minutes before kickoff, so that your fans can start connecting and getting ready for the match. You can start sending signal anytime, but until you click GO LIVE, the live feed will only be available to you.

During the match:

✅ Film the game 

Here are some Eleven Sports tips to help provide your audience the best experience: 

  • Place your device in a high and central position and  use a tripod to stabilise the image

  • Make sure that there are no obstacles or people blocking the view

  • Avoid facing the sun directly and protect the lens from rain/snow

  • Follow the ball and actions carefully and zoom in and out when necessary

  • Avoid moving the camera too quickly 

For more details, check out our article on how to film your matches to produce a perfect experience.

✅ Create highlights  

Add highlights during the match to create clips of the best moments. That way, you can watch that awesome team goal and last minute save from the goalkeeper again and again! By tagging highlights, you can also generate a match recap after the match. Learn how to do it on the screen of your phone or with the help of a computer;

After the match:

✅ Stop your stream

Once your match has ended and the players have left the pitch, STOP LIVE to end the live stream. 

✅ Create a match recap 

The match recap allows you to create a highlights package of your best moments in just one click! Instead of sharing the full 90 minutes, you can choose just to share the best moments with your followers. Check out how to create one here

You’ve now mastered the basics of what it takes to produce a successful live stream. All the best - we look forward to seeing your match!

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