How can I convert or compress a video file?

Learn how to convert or compress a video file in a few easy steps!

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Are you trying to download or upload a video file, but it's not in the right format or too large? No worries, we have a simple solution for you!

You can use a software tool to change your video file in a few easy steps. We recommend the fully free open source video transcoder "Handbreak" for all matters relating to converting or compressing a video file. Please click HERE to download the programme on your device for free. Handbreak will compress your video file to a smaller size and change its file format without any hassle!

Converting your video file: a step-by-step guide

You can convert your video file in 4 simple steps:

  1. Click on "Open Source" and choose your video file.

  2. Select a preset quality. We recommend to always use the "Fast 720p30" option.

  3. Select the format your video file should be in after conversion. We recommend to always pick "MP4 File".

  4. Click on the green "Start" button and Handbrake will start to convert your file. 

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