Once you log into the Eleven Sports Broadcast app on your smartphone, you will be prompted to your scheduled events list. In order to access the app settings, click on the indicated button on the bottom right:

1. Streaming settings
Click here to reach your streaming settings. More details below.

2. Give Feedback
You'll be prompted to send an email with your feedback. We truly appreciate all feedback provided and we work hard on them to continue improving our apps and platform.

3. Rate our app
If you like our app, please take a moment to click here and rate the Eleven Sports Broadcast on the app store.

4. Logout
You can logout of the app by clicking here.

Streaming Settings

1. Server
Click here to be able to select your streaming server, based on your location. More below.

2. Stream bitrate
By clicking here, you'll be able to select the stream bitrate of your broadcast. Continue reading for more information.

3. Save recordings locally
Activate this option if you wish to record a video file of your broadcast on your smartphone. Make sure there's enough space on the phone's hard drive if you want to use that option.

4. Left broadcast controls
By default, the broadcast controls on the app will be found on the right side of your screen. If you wish to move it to the left hand side, make sure to activate that option.


Here you can select the server you are going to stream to, based on your location:
NA - North America
EU - Europe
SA - South America
AS - Asia
RU - Russia

You should only need to change it in the occasion you're broadcasting from a different continent than your usual location.

Stream bitrate

By default, your stream bitrate will be set to "Auto", so that it is adaptive to your connection. However, you can also manually set the bitrate if you wish. 

Lowering the bitrate can be helpful in case you are undergoing connection issues

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