Promoting your match on Eleven Sports
Have you already scheduled a match? Then now you can learn the best practices for promoting your match on Eleven Sports
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You have scheduled a match on Eleven Sports. The next step is to make sure that your fans know about it! Eleven Sports was made to share your game and make it easy for you to build and engage your fan community.

1. Your next match will be live on Eleven Sports!

Share your scheduled game on social media

  • Share a message on social media to encourage fans to come to your page and add your match to their calendar. They get a reminder when the match is about to go live!

  • Top tip: A link will be available for you to copy and share straight after you create an event. Use that link to spread the word on your social media!

  • Click here to access our eye-catching and slick social media templates. They are free, easy to use and you can personalise them!

Share your scheduled game with other stakeholders

2. Ready for the match?

Share your game on social media on the day of the match

  • Share the link to the match on social media to remind fans that it's going to be live soon! Ask the players on the team (and other players within the club) to promote the match stream on their social media channels!

  • Top tip: Ask your fans to follow your team(s) on Eleven Sports (“notify me”) to receive notifications when your matches kick off!

3. Match is about to kick off!

Share your game on social media as it is about to kick off

  • Share the link to your match on social media as it's about to go live. All of your hard work to promote the match is about to pay off. Don’t stop now!

  • Top tip: The match operator can create and share a link to the match directly from the studio as it’s about to go live.

4. Share your goals!

Share the key moments of the match as they happen

  • Fans want to see the goals as they happen. Share them and other key moments on social media as soon as they are tagged!  

  • Top tip: When the match operator tags a highlight he or she can share it from within the studio. To increase the potential reach of your post, tag the players and other related entities!

5. Check out the highlights!

Create and share a match recap with your fans 

  • The match is over. Make sure to create a match recap to ensure fans can relive and share the best moments of your match. 

  • Encourage your network of local media partners, influencers, sponsors, teams and players to share on social and/or embed the match recap on their website. 

  • Top tip: As soon as your operator “stops live” he or she can produce and share a match recap at the touch of a button.

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