We're always looking for a way to give you the best product, experience and easy ways to stream your content. And that's why we developed this new stream model!

All you need to do is go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download it or update it to the latest version: 

With this new feature there will be no need to buy extra equipment or find a second person to manage the studio, because the same person will record the match and tag the highlights from the mobile phone. Amazing, right? 

The procedure is very easy and intuitive, with the match already created in your event list, click on it and it will open the camera image in your mobile. By clicking ''Go Live'', your event will be live, as you can see in this image:

After going live, a button with the (+) symbol will be available to click. This will be where you will add all the best moments of the match, starting of course with the beginning of the first half. This is how it's done:

Now that the match has started, you can tag other highlights like Stop 1st Half, Goal, Red Card and Chance, depending on what happens in the match.

When you tag a Goal, Red card or a Chance, it will show another menu with the two teams involved to select, so just pick the team and it will create the Highlight for you, Once you tag a goal, the scoreboard will be updated automatically.

Have a look in this short video:  

NOTE: If you have mistakenly marked any highlight, you'll need to edit inside Studio on some computer, so continue to stream and do it after the match is done.

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