A good and stable internet connection is absolutely crucial for a successful broadcast on Eleven Sports. No matter how good your device's camera might be, if the connection isn't strong enough or if it fluctuates heavily, then the quality of your broadcast will inevitably suffer. 

Here's our advice for your internet connection:

1. Type of connection

  • We recommend using a 4G or 5G sim card with sufficient data on your mobile phone; 

  • Alternatively, you can connect a wired internet connection to your smartphone with an adapter; 

  • We do NOT recommend using a WiFi connection. It tends to be more unstable and this may affect your stream.

2. Testing and minimum speed

  • Test your internet connection multiple times to ensure it is strong and stable enough for a live stream: 2 hours before the game, 1 hour before the game, 20 minutes before the game;

  • Minimum UPLOAD speed required is 3mbps

  • You can go to www.speedtest.net or preferably use the Speedtest app on your mobile phone. Make sure you're connected to the correct network when running your tests. 

3. Connection and data plan

  • Make sure your internet connection (of whatever type) is used EXCLUSIVELY for your broadcast. Other devices (such as a computer for the Live Studio) should use alternative connections;

  • It's important to ensure you don't run out of data during your broadcast, so if using 4G/5G make sure you have at least about 4GB left on your data plan for a stream in HD quality (this number should be taken only as a general guideline as it may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the length of your match)

4. In case you have connection issues

  • Find out HERE what you can do.

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