Add (Schedule) a New Event

Learn how to schedule / add a new event. In order to live broadcast any event, first you need to pre-schedule it.

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In order to create a new event, access your Studio and click on the green "Add Event" button, then follow the steps detailed below: 

1. Add the Basic Info: 

  • First of all, select whether you want to add a "Live Stream" or "Upload video";

  • Choose your "Event Category" (pick between "Match", "News", "Interview", "Press Conference", "Practice" and "Other")

Depending on your Event Category, the subsequent steps will be different: 

  • IF you select any option other than "Match", please jump to Step 4

  • IF you select "Match", then also please choose the "Competition" this event refers to. 

In case the competition you're looking for still isn't in our database, you should contact us requesting its addition

  • Once you select the "Competition", the system will automatically display the sport format, as in this example: 

  • You will now have to select the Home and Away Club's information, as detailed below: 

  • Search for the "Home Club" and the "Away Club";

  • If you do not find one or both of the clubs on the list, you can choose to "Create club" and add the requested information on the pop-up (regional association is optional, only if applicable):

  • After adding the "Clubs", you can now select the "Teams" involved. If no options already show up, please click "Create Team" and add the team name:

IMPORTANT! Please be aware of the difference between the "Club" and the "Team": the Club is the main entity involved in the match, but a single Club (eg Example FC) can have multiple Teams (eg Example FC U-19, Example FC U-17, Example FC Women, among others). Make sure to add the correct Team for each event.

Finally, add the details of each team: 

  • Team Code: the 3 letters that will show up in the scoreboard;

  • Color: the color that will also be displayed in the scoreboard;

  • Logos: click and upload a PNG file with transparent background to add the logos for each team. The last used logo for each team, if any, will be displayed automatically.

After doing the above, you can click "Next Step" to continue to step 2. 

2. Add Home Lineups & Bench

  • You should now add the Starting Lineup and the Bench Lineup for the Home Team. In our example, since we are adding a Futsal match, the Starting Lineup has a maximum of 5 players:

  • You can either add a new player on the button "Create Player" or "Import Players" from previously used Lineups. Please note that you will only be able to import lineups and players from matches created in this new system;

  • To create a new player, you'll have to add his "Position", "First name", "Last name", "Name on shirt" and "Number":

  • After adding or importing all the players, proceed to Step 3.

3. Add Away Lineups & Bench

  • Same procedure as Step 2, but this time for the Away Team;

  • Proceed to Step 4.

4. Add Event info & Privacy settings: 

  • For non-Match events: type in the "Event Name";

  • For Match events: the "Event Name" will be automatically displayed, based on the teams involved;

  • Add the name of the "Venue" where the event is taking place;

  • Add the "Location": you need to insert the correct city where the event is going to take place. This is connected to the timezone of the scheduled event;

  • Select the "Date & Time" of the event;

  • Add an "Event description": for match events, it will already display the basic event information.

Review the remaining options for your event: 

  • Chat: Select whether the Chat should be available for your fans during the match (it's ON by default);

  • Event Privacy: it's Public by default. An Unlisted event can only be watched with a specifically generated URL;

  • Geo-Location options: you can block countries from viewing your event. None are defined by default, so your event will be visible everywhere unless you select to "Block only" or "Allow only" some countries.

Finally, click on the green "Create Event" button and your event will be added! 

DID YOU KNOW? When inserting the place of the event, this will automatically record the timezone of where the event will happen, and no matter where you access it, the kick-off time and countdown will always adapt to worldwide time zones.

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