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I stopped live by mistake. What should I do?
I stopped live by mistake. What should I do?

Learn here what you should do if you accidentally stop live before the end of the match.

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It's important to remember NEVER to click on "Stop Live" before the match is over and you are 100% sure you want to end your stream. 

Once you stop live, it is not possible to continue streaming on the same event. This is highlighted in the pop-up window that is shown when you click on the "Stop live" button (as shown below).

So do NOT stop live even if you face internet connection issues or have issues with your device. You should solve or issues and you can even switch devices (for example, from a camera to a mobile phone), and then reconnect to the same event.

However, if you did click Stop Live by mistake or accidentally before the end of the match, you will have to add a NEW EVENT

Quickly add a new event with the same general information and go live on it. 

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