When broadcasting with our mobile app, you shouldn't worry about the specifications below - our app will carry out all the work for you.

However, please follow the specifications below when broadcasting with encoding devices, capture cards and software.

Streaming settings - Video

  • Framerate: 25fps or 30fps (depending on the outgoing framerate of the camera)

  • Keyframe interval (KFI): 2

  • Minimum resolution: 480p (640x480)

  • Maximum resolution: 720p (1280x720)

  • Minimum bitrate: 800 kbps (anything lower is too poor; recommended at least 2000 kbps)

  • Maximum bitrate: 3000 kbps (3 mbps) 

  • Compression ratio: 22

  • Queue length: 1000

  • Profile: high or main

Streaming settings - Audio

  • 128 kbps AAC

  • Stereo

(*) If your matches are part of a data and video monetisation scheme through sub-licensing, please mind that the minimum bitrate shall be above 2000 kbps.

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